Organisation\Business Customer Registration

This is your publicly viewable Organisation Name on No spaces or special characters allowed. This is also the Head Quarters name if the organisation has branches. Store names (branch names) will be added later It should be the same as your Organisation Name or Business License Name

This is your organisation's main website.(e.g., Don't forget the https://) Stores that are branches or registered outlets will also be able to have their own website.

This is your VAT Number within the Country you select below

This is whether you are registered for VAT Deductions. Please contact your company accountant or lawyer for this information.

If you have a base in more than one country, accommodates this when you add different stores. Adding stores is done after registering as a customer and after adding the organisation's address
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This is the first stage of registration. After verifying your email, you will need to register your store's physical address and postal address so that customer's can find your store physically. Addresses on are also used for allowing customers to be able to filter's stores by a specific country or region. If you run a home based business, register you private home address and postal address